Our procedures are very strict and they follow international standards regarding the production of healthy food. For this purpose we select the best seedlings, use the highest quality products for nutrition and protection of plants, respect the environment, apply modern technology, and employ highly trained workers and management. Our deep frozen fruit is produced in accordance with quality standards: haccp, brc 7, ifs 6, and halal.

Since our goal is to produce only fruit of exceptional quality, in addition to our own raspberry plantations, we sub-contract neighbouring farmers.

We personally know each farmer from whom we purchase fruit over many years, which allows us to keep a complete overview of growing methods applied to each variety. We are constantly improving the quality of our products. We participate in sponsor meetings about the development and sociology of the countryside, and we are also engaged in the education of producers, plantation workers, and pickers.

The terrain on which plantations are located cannot be accessed by machinery, so all work is performed manually, which completely eliminates the pollution of plantations. We use top quality artificial fertilizers and chemical plant protection products listed on the green list of products approved and registered in Serbia. We keep track of regulations around the world and remove products from use if they are not allowed in all countries.

Farmers with whom we cooperate keep records of performed agricultural activities, which helps us verify if plant feeding and protection has been performed as planned. We educate producers on plant feeding and production through our agricultural pharmacy.

We pay great attention to the health and hygiene of our employees who are obliged to take regular sanitary and health examinations.

Our modern and well-equipped cold storage is located in the very centre of our raw material base. The fruit takes a very short trip from the plantation to the processing plant which allows it to stay fresh and keep its nutritional values.

Deep frozen fruit, packaged in boxes and palettes, is stored in chambers at temperature of -20°C